A Contact Collection is a group created from user mailboxes. This is a useful itrezzo construct that allows IT admins to perform a singular action on multiple mailboxes at once. Contact Collections can be used to define sources and targets for sync tasks, license user mailboxes, set up a sync task schedule, and perform contact cleanups. The following procedure shows how to license users with Contact Collections.



  1. Expand Unified Contact Management in the left navigation panel.
  2. Click User Statistics.
  3. Click the User Enablement icon. It is the second icon in the grey User Statistics panel. (See figure below.) The Auto-License window will appear. (See figure below.)  
     NOTE: You can also expand Global Configuration in the left navigation panel and click License Packs. 
  4. Check the Automatically add users to license pack box.
  5. Click the Manage button. The Automatic License Users window will open. (See figure below.) 
  6. Click the folder icon in the left-panel. The window will now list all the Contact Collections that were created in your tenant. (See figure below.) 
  7. Select the desired collection to use to license user mailboxes.
  8. Click Save. 
  9. Check the Removed disabled accounts from license and Remove users who are not members of the DL’s boxes to automatically maintain license pack count.
  10. Click Save. itrezzo will then perform a license check. After performing a license check, the licensed users will appear in the Licensing grid.