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Salesforce contacts automatically synced to Outlook and Smartphones.

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Why Use itrezzo UCM Salesforce Sync?

Salesforce doesn’t provide a way to sync contacts to smartphones.


Amplify the value of CRM contacts tenfold by having always-up-to-date contacts on smartphones.


Make certain that every customer, lead, and prospect is reachable and identifiable.


New employees immediately have CRM contacts on their smartphones.

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itrezzo Unified Contact Manager, 10-user fully functional trial version, valid for six months. Updates enterprise contacts and calendars.
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An estimated 250 million smartphones sync with Outlook on an Exchange server, yet only a tiny portion of those users are getting real-time contact updates from Salesforce.

This can become a problem for many businesses as high value sales often occur away from the desk. A missed call can be the difference between securing a major sales contract or a lost lead.

Here are some Salesforce Best Practices to get the most out of Salesforce.


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Sync Salesforce contacts to Outlook and Smartphones

itrezzo UCM can directly access and interact with the Salesforce API. This allows itrezzo UCM to retrieve all the contacts associated with any given Salesforce subscription and cache these contacts in a Microsoft SQL database.

The itrezzo UCM SQL connector can run against the Microsoft SQL Database and perform repetitive and efficient queries. This allows any Salesforce field to be mapped to almost any Outlook Contact Field.

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