Industries Using itrezzo UCM to Have the Most Up-To-Date Shared Contacts & Calendars on Smartphones

Federal and Local Governments

itrezzo UCM supports federal and local government agencies in their emergency preparedness strategies. With itrezzo UCM, every employee will have access to the most up-to-date employee directory. This allows all employees to connect with their in-case-of-emergency contacts from their phones.


Syncing shared contacts and calendars is important for law firms and other legal organizations. itrezzo UCM keeps track of meetings and litigations and allows immediate access to colleagues and experts during these events.

Health Care and Hospice

itrezzo UCM supports health care and hospice organizations by syncing shared contacts and calendars to smartphones. Updated shared calendars and contacts allows staff to effectively respond to medical emergencies and contact any personnel needed at a moment’s notice.


itrezzo UCM supports education during the school year to help keep administrators, teachers, and students safe while allowing them to meet education goals. All staff is prepared with updated in-case-of-emergency contacts allowing them to effectively respond to any emergency. Updated shared calendars are available on teacher smartphones to track faculty meetings and parent-teacher conferences.

Sales and Marketing

Keep track of leads and employees while in the office or on the go by syncing shared contacts and calendars from Exchange, Microsoft 365, Public Folders, and Salesforce.

Construction and HVAC

itrezzo UCM is an important asset for construction and HVAC companies. Syncing shared contacts and calendars allows construction and HVAC companies to manage their employees, contractors, vendors, and clients with ease. In these fast-paced industries, itrezzo makes it easy to onboard and exit employees.


Energy companies and regulators need to be ready for the most extreme combination of disasters. Furthermore, disasters that effect these agencies require precise and coordinated intervention. itrezzo ensures that these agencies can effectively respond to these disasters by allowing them to keep track of in-case-of-emergency contacts and reach every employee anytime and anywhere.

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