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Shared Calendars Live on Employee Smartphones through Microsoft Outlook to Smartphones

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Why Use itrezzo UCM for Calendar Sync?

You shouldn’t have to install extra software, download calendar app, touch hundreds of smartphones, or hold user training just to provide mobile access to shared calendars. itrezzo makes it easy to access shared calendars with smartphones and android device users!


Employees have instant access to the company calendar on their smartphones.


Unify and sync calendars from all sources and have them available at your fingertips.


Sync shared calendars to every company smartphone.


Provide shared calendars specifically to employees who need them.


Leverage existing GAL distribution groups for targeted updates.


Minimize cellphone data costs by syncing only changed contacts to users’ phones. Reduce time and sync errors.

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itrezzo Unified Contact Manager, 10-user fully functional trial version, valid for six months. Updates enterprise contacts and calendars.
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“Our project managers and field electricians always have accurate contacts and up-to-date schedules on their mobile devices.”
Archie Campo,

Exchange System Administrator, Sprig Electric

“itrezzo UCM makes syncing calendars easy! Just ‘set it and forget it!’ itrezzo will do all the work.”

Businesses and Shared Calendars

Shared calendar are an indispensable collaborative tool for businesses of any size. They can be used to keep track of client meetings, company events, rotating work shifts, and company resources. Exchange shared calendar android can be easily managed by any employee while at their desk they can easily view colleagues calendar in just a few clicks.  However, the smartphone is a different story.

Smartphones and Shared Calendars

The advent of smartphones has greatly changed the way we work. Work can be done at almost anytime and anywhere if employees have an internet connection. However, this isn’t necessarily true for employees who depend on the shared calendar, especially those who have shared calendars in Microsoft servers.

Microsoft offers no way to automatically sync shared calendars to iPhone and smartphones. This can lead to an unorganized workforce because employees can miss critical meetings and be left unprepared during an emergency. Manual workarounds are not a solution either because they are time-consuming and error prone.


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