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Why Use itrezzo for GAL Sync?

Not every contact-sync solution works with every Exchange and Office 365 environment.
A GAL sync solution should work for you today and in the future.


All employees instantly have the company GAL on their smartphones.


Sync contacts from all your sources and have them available at your fingertips.


Sync unlimited contacts to every company smartphone.


Filter legacy data to avoid syncing unwanted contacts to mobile users.


Leverage existing GAL distribution groups for targeted updates.


Minimize cellphone data costs by syncing only changed calendars to users’ phones. Reduce time and sync errors.

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Your company—like most—probably stores critical contact information in a Global Address List (GAL). Although this data is often vital to the organization, most companies have no good way to sync the GAL to mobile phones. This can lead to missed business opportunities, wasted time, and critical business errors.

Syncing the Global Address List to smartphones isn’t fast or easy—at least it didn’t used to be.

If you are involved with the management or upkeep of a Microsoft Exchange Server, you know that Exchange’s operations revolve almost entirely around the GAL. For these reasons, an automated, centralized solution is necessary to ensure continuing business operations.

The GAL and Smartphones

The Global Address List (GAL) is a shared, electronic address book which usually contains contact data on every person in a given organization. While a wonderfully useful tool, this database of contact information has a fundamental flaw. When Microsoft developed the GAL, it left a “Missing Sync.” There is no native method of automatically syncing the GAL to smartphones.

Learn more about the itrezzo United Contact Management solution in this solution brief.

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How to Sync the GAL with itezzo

This is a short explanatory video showing a step-by-step example of how to sync the Global Address List when using itrezzo.

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The Global Address List and Smartphones: Current Problems

As it stands, the GAL is available on a view-only basis on smartphones. There is a fundamental gap when it comes to syncing contact data from the GAL. Users can be more productive if they have the entire GAL on their smartphones—that’s where they use it.


It is possible, although arduous, for a central administrator to manually push contacts through Outlook to each individual’s mailbox utilizing Active Sync. While this may be feasible for companies that have less than 100 mailboxes, as a company grows, the amount of labor required for this becomes impractical. 


What happens to existing contacts when they change? Under a manual-push setup, numbers or contact photos won’t update without a central administrator pushing that information to a user’s phone.


A common work-around for this GAL sync issue is to simple reverse look-up individuals via Outlook. While this method is sometimes reliable (albeit tedious), it completely falls apart when offline. Should information be needed in a general dead-zone like on an airplane or in a tunnel, there will be no way to access the GAL. 

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