1. Expand Unified Contact Management in the left navigation panel.
  2. Click Schedule & Custom Tasks.
  3. Click the + in the grey Schedule panel near the top-right of the grid to add a scheduled sync task. The Advanced Schedule Window will open. (See figure below.) 
  4. Check each box under Cache Refresh twice. The Force icon will appear next to each field. This will force itrezzo to check and refresh data before the scheduled sync task.
  5. Click either Daily, Weekly, or Monthly depending on the desired frequency of the scheduled itrezzo sync. In this example, click Daily. The following will appear in the window. (See figure below.)
  6. Click the selection button next to the default displayed time of 0:00.
  7. Select the desired times of the scheduled sync task.
  8. Click the +. The time you selected will appear in the white field bellow the time selection field.
    NOTE: Repeat Steps 6–8 to increase the frequency of the daily sync.
  9. Click the drop-down arrow at the top-right of the Advanced Schedule window. The drop-down menu will list all the Contact Collections created in your itrezzo tenant.
  10. Select a Target Contact Collection to use as the recipients of the scheduled sync.
  11. Click on one or more list of sync task options under the Task Options field. This will decide what items itrezzo will sync to the recipient users of the sync task.
  12. Click Save. You will return to the Schedule & Custom Tasks grid.
    NOTE: Now, you can run a manual sync on your chosen contact collection by right-clicking on the schedule you just created and clicking Run Now.