During the itrezzo UCM setup, trial licenses were requested. The following shows how to install itrezzo UCM license packs.



  1. Open the email sent by itrezzo during the UCM setup. A license pack will be attached.
  2. Forward the email to the service account email used during setup.
     NOTE: Within a minute, you will receive an email that will confirm that an itrezzo license pack was automatically added to your tenant.
  3. Launch itrezzo UCM.
  4. Expand Global Configuration on the left navigation panel.
  5. Click License Packs.
    NOTE: Do not click the arrow next to License Packs. Clicking it will expand the option and will not take you to the License Pack window.
  6. Click the Tablet and Gear icon in the License Packs menu at the top of the page to run a license pack check. (See figure below.) 
    NOTE: It may take several minutes for the license packs to appear.