Server Requirements

  • Member Server (Server joined to your AD domain) running Windows Server 2019/2022 either bare iron, or a Virtual Guest.
  • Minimum RAM—4 GB for less than 300 target mailboxes and 8 GB RAM if the target mailboxes are more than 300.
  • Minimum two processor cores for less than 300 target mailboxes, 4 CPU’s for more than 300 target mailboxes.
  • Minimum free Hard Drive space required—10 GB.
  • Must have Internet access and Port 80 should be open for inbound & outbound connection.
  • It is CRITICAL that network packet inspection software such as Cylance, Symantec Endpoint Protection, Sophos, Cisco AMP and others be disabled for the network on this server. Thousands of EWS packets are sent and received to the Exchange environment via port 443 and also multiple internal network ports are used to pass data between modules in the software. Packet inspection software can drastically affect performance and cause mailboxes not to get updated with the latest contact and calendar changes.
  • Also, any REAL TIME antivirus file monitoring should have an exclusion for the \Program Files (x86)\itrezzoAgent\… folders on the server.

Software Requirements

For the smoothest transition into itrezzo UCM, you will need to add your itrezzo service account to your Microsoft Windows and itrezzo Server. Read Preparing Your Microsoft Windows Server for itrezzo UCM to learn how.