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Why Use itrezzo UCM for Reverse GAL Updates?

You no longer need to update your company Active Directory with Active Directory tools. itrezzo UCM can update the Active Directory automatically with contact lists from Public Folder contacts, Microsoft SQL, or the itrezzo UCM Self-Service update.


Automatically update Active Directory fields in the GAL.


Target updates to Active Directory fields without publishing private contact details.


Minimize cellphone data costs by syncing only changed contacts to the GAL. Reduce time and sync errors.

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itrezzo Unified Contact Manager, 10-user fully functional trial version, valid for six months. Updates enterprise contacts and calendars.
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When an employee joins or leaves the company, their information is added or removed from the GAL by an IT administrator. This method can be laborious and error prone. Eliminate manual updates to the company GAL with itrezzo.

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The itrezzo UCM Self-Service Update complements the Reverse GAL Sync tool. By giving your employees the responsibility of updating their own information in an ongoing basis, your GAL will be updated with the most accurate contact information.

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