Have the Employee Directory at Your Fingertips

Employee contacts in the office or on the go.

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Why Use the itrezzo UCM  Employee Directory?

An easier way for employees to update their own information with no IT work required.


Employees have instant access to the company directory on their smartphones.

Unify Your Contacts

Unify and sync contacts from all sources and have them available at your fingertips.


A robust directory that can contain +25,000 contact items.


Tightly integrates with Azure Active Directory. Supports single-sign-on and Active Directory User Authentication.

Flexible Targeting

Leverage existing distribution groups for targeted updates and security delegation.

Simplify Administration

Manage contacts from an easy-to-use web-based console that can be used by non-IT experts.

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itrezzo Unified Contact Manager, 10-user fully functional trial version, valid for six months. Updates enterprise contacts and calendars.
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How Can the itrezzo UCM Employee Directory Help You?

Missing GAL Contacts

Fill in the missing gaps of the company GAL by asking all employees to update their contact details.

Ease and Security

Easily and securely update the company GAL with the least IT labor possible.


Easily collect all employee personal identifying information without publishing them on the GAL.

Easy Management of Assets

Easily collect contact lists and in-case-of- emergency contacts of multiple departments and have them all accessible in one place—employee smartphones.

Robust Company Directory

Create a more robust and detailed company directory than what Outlook can provide.

Active Directory

Fully integrate the company address book with Active Directory.

Learn more about itrezzo UCM Self-Service Update

The itrezzo UCM Employee Directory complements the itrezzo UCM Self-Service Update. Save hours of IT labor by having employees update their own contact information through the itrezzo UCM Self-Service Update Platform. 

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