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A Contact Collection is a group made up of user mailboxes in the GAL that can be created using itrezzo. Contact Collections allow itrezzo users to group user mailboxes together to use for a variety of itrezzo functions such as defining sync sources and targets, auto-licensing user mailboxes, setting up a sync schedule, and cleaning obsolete contacts from user mailboxes. The following procedure shows how to create a Contact Collection with itrezzo.



  1. Launch itrezzo UCM.
    NOTE: During the first launch of itrezzo UCM, a pop-up will appear. Click Cancel. 
  2. Click Collections in the quick-access toolbar at the top of the page.
    NOTE: You can also expand Data Dictionary in the left navigation panel and click Collections.
  3. Click the + in the Collections Menu at the top of the page to begin creating a new Contact Collection. (See figure below.) The Collection properties Window will open. (See figure below.)
  4. Name the Contact Collection in the Name field.
    NOTE: When naming contact lists and collections, please be specific. Having specific names will make the organization of your assets and scheduling sync tasks easier.
  5. Search for the desired individual or group using the search bar under Global Address List.
  6. Drag and drop the desired individual or group into the Inclusion list. Repeat Steps 5 & 6 until all desired users/groups are added.
    NOTE: You can also double click the name of the user or group to add them to the collection. Alternatively, clicking the name of the user or group and click the green arrow pointing to the Inclusion list will add them to the collection.
  7. Click The Collection properties window will close. (See figure below.)
  8. Repeat Steps 3–7 to create a second Contact Collection to use for future procedures in itrezzo.